Eat With Steph Review

London Bridge isn’t exactly lacking for food options. Aside from the obvious Borough Market, there’s a wealth of restaurants tucked in and around the area, ones that you will have walked past and not paid attention to in your rush to get to the doughnuts or cheese toasties in the market!

Mango Indian is a somewhat small restaurant, tucked round the back of Borough Market and is unlike most Indians you’ll have been to before. Forget the traditional local curry houses, dimly lit with gaudy music and wallpaper; Mango Indian features sleek and refined plates of food in an equally polished environment.

The meal kicks off with papadum, but to my surprise we weren’t presented with the normal disks, but instead shards of crunchy papadum (or papad as they’re called here) served with 4 chutneys/dips, with an incredibly good lime pickle that we had to ask for seconds of.

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